# Introduction of Open API

uSMART Securities Open API can provide API services for individual and institutional investor, investors can make full use of uSMART Securities trading services, quotes services, account services and so on to achieve their own investment applications.

# How to apply Open API

  • Regular customers can apply through the following link:https://www.usmart.sg/open-api。

  • Due to limited service capabilities, the Open API service is only open to customers who have opened an account and have assets in uSMART Securities.

  • Using the Open API service to connect with uSMART Securities quotes requires programming foundation, and customers can consider whether to apply according to their own situation.

  • For channel/institutional customers, you can contact (QQ: 329359021, QQ: 46655503) for consultation.

# Open API custom development

uSMART Securities also provides Open API custom development services, the cost depends on the development workload. For customers with high hardware requirements, uSMART Securities can also provide server rental.

# Open API account type

Open API account type is the same as the APP account type, and different account types enjoy different permissions, as follows:

  • Ordinary account: support U.S. stocks, Hong Kong stocks and A-share tradings, margin function supports some stocks, temporarily do not support U.S. option trading, account types include margin account and cash account, and orders can only be placed during trading hours.

  • PRO account: Support U.S. stocks, Hong Kong stocks and A-share tradings, account types include margin account and cash account, orders can be placed at any time, enjoy IPO privileges, investment advisory privileges and other services.

# Communication channels

  • Regular customers: You can join our official communication group, uSmart OpenAPI: 801381586(QQ group chat). This group is only used for OPEN-API questions to consult and answer questions, and updating documentation.

  • Note:

    1. The conditions for adding the group are: uSMART customers who have opened an account, for users who have not opened an account, we do not recommended to add the group. Add group question answer: intelligent investment platform 2.After adding the group, the group owner will add the corresponding note after the nickname of the group member, please do not change the note.
  • Channel/institutional customers: Business affairs can contact the channel manager(Wechat:gmgtz888,Jacky) first, technical needs can be contacted (QQ:329359021,QQ:46655503) consultation.